Sometimes, finances may be out of control and you can be in a position where you need to rely on credit. It isn’t leisure, where you can spend and pay off your credit, it’s more like taking credit and not having the ability to pay it off. No one should experiences it’s quite an uncomfortable situation to be in.

No matter the situation, everyone has to move on with life. It’s kind of deep, I’ll admit. But if you really think about it there are a lot of needs and wants in today’s society that heavily rely on your credit score. Things that rely on this are those big Financial Milestones that help people move forward, so if you’re looking at a mortgage or even a new car you’ll have to be approved based on your credit score. You can check out more information about credit scores here and how they work. But in short, if your credit score isn’t ideal you going to be paying a lot more out of pocket simply due to mistakes you’ve made in the past. But the question is how does a lender know that it’s a mistake that was made? Does simply going off the basis of your credit report, and that has everything to do with your payment history, the number of accounts you have and so on and so forth. 

Now being in that situation where your credit score is preventing you from getting that mortgage you want or any of the financial Milestones you seek can put you in a compromising position where you may not necessarily need to be. Has it ever dawned on you, that there are things on your credit report that shouldn’t be there? Maybe a lender has made a mistake? Maybe their items on there that should have been removed quite some time ago? If you haven’t ask yourself these questions, unfortunately, the blame is on you. We don’t mean it in a harsh way, we just mean you should have done your due diligence to make sure everything was in order before you apply for that mortgage. But don’t worry, it’s not the end of the world. There are many different types of credit solutions that you can use to help improve your credit score.

For starters, you should really get access to your credit report. Your credit report is available to you for free one time a year any one of the major credit bureaus. Whether that be TransUnion, Equifax, or Experian one of these credit bureaus I’ll be more than glad to give you a free credit report. Now to space it out accordingly, you can get three for free try doing it every quarter.

Take a look at your credit report and make sure everything is accurate, find out how you can read a credit report here. And once you’ve looked it over two scenarios technically happen, one day can be many mistakes on your credit report that you need to have fixed. Or two your credit report is fairly accurate, and if that’s the case it’ll be really difficult to help you increase your credit score without the financial discipline it takes. We’ll take a little bit of a breakdown on what you can do in both scenarios how you can increase your credit score for those proper Credit Solutions. 

Inaccurate. If your credit report is inaccurate and you found some errors, definitely reach out to us I will find you a local credit repair company to offer you credit solutions to help increase your credit score. Trained professionals will go through your credit report with a fine-tooth comb to make sure that everything is accurate. And we will gladly dispute any negative items for you and hopefully have the removed to increase your credit score. Now with the increase of credit score you’re more than likely be able to move forward with those financial Milestones you’re hoping to achieve.

Accurate. If your credit report is actually accurate, unfortunately, our credit solutions won’t be able to help you. We aren’t able to remove any legitimate item off your credit report it hopes to increase your credit score. The only way ethically increase your credit score in a position like this is to have complete discipline. One thing you can do is definitely contact us, and we can give you a few pointers that you can use to help increase your credit score over time. But nonetheless, here are three pointers that will definitely help you.

  • Discipline. Having discipline is a key factor in increasing your credit score over time. It’s a vague term but it really weighs a lot. Having discipline means making sure your payments are on time and you aren’t late with any payments. Your credit score is compiled but many different factors and your payment history weighs the most. So it only makes sense to tackle that first.
  • Negotiation. This is a simple tactic, you can reach out to someone the lenders you owe money to and negotiate a new payment. It’s kind of like a debt settlement, you ask them to pay off a portion of the debt you owe in turn of having them remove the negative in your credit report.
  • Low Balances. If your person that has multiple credit cards, and multiple loans. One strong point is we can recommend making sure you keep the balances low. Don’t overspend more than what you can pay. Keeping the low balances directly correlates with your debt to credit ratio. Ideally, this number should be no more than 30%.

So if you’re looking for credit solutions to help increase your credit score, definitely contact us we can offer you with exceptional credit repair services. Don’t hesitate and don’t wait, contact our professionals here.