What You Should Know About Credit Repair

Having a good credit score is a huge asset for an individual or even a family looking to move forward with life. It’s an essential part to your tool kit evidently used to purchase many necessities out there today. 

Applying for mortgages, loans, cars, and even a simple phone plan require a credit check where your credit score is evaluated. There are many different factors that come into play when determining a credit score

We compiled a little list of things you should keep in mind about your credit score. We hope to inform you how you can improve your credit score and also how to spot little outliers that affect your score as well. Just remember it is always better to take the first step in fixing your credit right now rather than waiting. So when you need a new credit card or even a loan, to the eyes of the lender you are a star. That’s just because your credit is exactly where it should be!

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When it comes to credit there are a few ways it can be considered. That being, good credit, bad credit and have decent credit.

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What is Bad Credit?

Your credit is based on many different factors that are calculated to give you a finalized score.

So when looking at bad credit your score should be 560 or anything lower than that. This is based on the FICO scoring system.

If you have bad credit it could be that you failed to keep up with payments maxed out credit cards or even defaulted on home payments or car payments. All different credit bureaus use similar criteria. Although when you’re looking around to get your credit score you may be faced with a different score with each Credit Bureau. If that’s the case it’s a strong indication that you have some entries on your credit history that don’t actually belong there. And you have the right to dispute any of these items if you feel that there are unjustly on your credit report.

Now that you have noticed you have bad credit, what do you do next? The first step you should take is to figure out how you can actually repair your credit.

How to Repair Credit?

Rather than just looking at how you should increase your credit score oh, there might actually be an easier way to do something like this. The first step could be actually fixing your credit.

Like we said every Credit Bureau calculates your credit score differently, and I can make you seem a little bit riskier than you actually are.

So when it comes to repairing your credit they’re definitely long-term Solutions as well as short-term each one of these has strong benefits to help you out regardless. So let’s take a look at five ways but you can actually fix your credit.

Get Your Report

The first step would actually be getting a report. By getting your credit report you can take a look at what’s happening and make sure that there are no fraudulent activities.

When you request a credit report from one of the credit bureaus they are required to give you at least one free credit report each year. Remember just three major credit bureaus out there, so why not get a free one every four months? That way you can access your credit very frequently to make sure that that there are no listings that should not be there and you can still maintain a high credit score.

So when you receive these credit reports you should take the time to sift through it and make sure that there are no errors. Quite frankly some areas can prevent you from even getting approved for a credit application. By managing and overlooking your own credit rating ensuring that everything is correct can ultimately give you the Credit score you deserve. So when you’re looking over your report here are a few things you should be aware of.

– Common misspelling sent incorrect personal information

– Any accounts that are not yours

– Incorrect records

– Fraudulent activities

Fixing your credit is one quick way to maintain a high credit score. But once you get that desired credit score that puts you in a healthy spot, you have to ensure that you’re able to maintain that credit.

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Here are a Few Quick Tips to Keep a Healthy Credit:

  • Limit the number of credit checks
    • Getting many loans and applying for many credit cards in such a short period of time can actually hard your credit score. This can make you seem risky to lenders and impact your score significantly.
  • Auto-Payments
    • Make sure to pay bills on time. If you make this a habit overdue payments won’t affect your score.
  • Leave your Old accounts
    • Having old accounts open show that you maintained a good payment history with creditors, this makes you look good.

These are just a few tips that you can keep in mind to maintain that healthy credit. If you want to find out how you can maintain a great credit score in detail definitely check out our tips on how to maintain a healthy credit score.

If you’re still a little confused we strongly recommend picking up the phone and calling us for credit repair services. We have local professionals that can help remove negative items off your credit report, that way you can start increasing your credit today.