As you already know when it comes to credit scores there’s a low and range on a high-end Range. Typically this range is between 300 to 850. Falling higher up in the scale puts you in a position where lenders want to give you credit simply due to your responsibilities I’m paying back any financial obligations. Having good credit in this day and age has become quite important. Think about it like this your credit score is the deciding factor whether or not you’d be able to buy the home, car, or get that line of credit that you want. So achieving a high credit score that you’re always desiring for isn’t easy, the following sum for sure steps will definitely help. But the question is does your credit score actually top out at 850?

Let’s take a look at how you can get a 900+ credit score.

Is it Even Possible?

Trying to achieve 900 credit score isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Quite frankly nowadays must credit bureaus and scoring sheets use a similar range to tops out at about 850. They’re the most relevant and most accurate since it’s Universal. We aren’t saying that it’s not possible to get a 900 credit score, but it’s quite or unrealistic. The reason we say this is because when it comes to the credit bureaus any credit score that’s about 800 has been deemed perfect. If you have a score above that it doesn’t really impact you at all. So instead of focusing on how to get the highest credit, we can give you some tips how you can maintain and build a credit score so you can be in the top ranks of a Prime customer.

Type of Accounts

Having different types of credit accounts is a great way to put yourself in the good books. It means that you’re able to manage different types of credits and pay for them on time. Although this information could be a little bit misconstrued, many customers think that if they have multiple credit cards it can be a great help. Unfortunately, that isn’t the case, on the plus side if you maintain credit cards, auto loans, and mortgages add to the list any type of credit account it’ll greatly help you. So make sure that you have a Portfolio of installment loans and revolving credit.

Up to Date

When a bill comes in it doesn’t necessarily mean to pay it right away. But if you want to maintain a high credit score and hopefully hit that 900 credit score you’re looking for, we recommend that you pay for it on time. And by on time we mean pay for it in advance. What we recommend is to use your credit cards as often as you can I pay them off in full before the month ends. Likewise when it’s time for your car bill, or mortgage pay for a quickly so you don’t affect your credit negatively.

Don't Get Unnecessary Credit Accounts

Credit is great, but if you’re a customer who’s looking at credit accounts where you don’t need it oh, it can negatively impact you. Applying for multiple credit accounts can take large hits on your credit score and drop it fairly quickly. So if you’re looking to get home, we recommend you don’t buy a car. The reason being it’ll be 2 hard credit checks on you which can reduce your score significantly. So spaced out your financial Milestones accordingly, that way when you’re ready to make the jump you won’t be penalized with a declined.

Live In Your Means

One thing that’s overlooked by many customers is living in your mates. Just because you have a credit account does it mean you should go spending the money? We recommend that you use it wisely and live within your means. So if you’re looking for a nice night out don’t overspend your budget. Or if you have multiple credit cards we highly recommend that you don’t Max them out.

Likewise, if you’re getting a new vehicle or mortgage make sure that the monthly payments or something that you can pay for in a timely matter. The longer it sits on paid the more it affects your credit score.

Even though there’s a little bit of a difference between a credit score of 800 and a credit score of 900, the discipline it takes is the same. Create a concrete plan for yourself on how you manage your finances and rest assured you’ll hit the desired credit score you want.

In the overall picture, having a credit score above 800 to lenders is it any different than having a credit score of 850 and above. You’ve pretty much meant the peak. But there is a slight advantage, the higher your credit score is those accessing points can act as a little bit of protection for you just in case you fall short on any of your financial obligations. So don’t overlook them definitely maintain Pace when building your credit score. It’s not something that can be done overnight.